Sunday, July 30, 2006

Better version of the Reenactors

Used the picasa grain thing... looks older now Posted by Picasa

Reenactors at Fort Delaware

I used the picasa thing that changes the pics to Black and white or sepia... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oops, missed one

Water drops on leaves, always a winner! Posted by Picasa

More New England Garden pics, Last for the night, from a prize winning photographer

Yellow, cool shapes, rain water on petals, fuzz on leaves. How can you go wrong? Well, not quite as sharp as I'd have liked. I should have used the tripod!

I was going for the unseen, quiet little scene mood here. Lots of pretty things here, just gotta take the time to look and grok them all. That's a "Stranger in a Strange Land" reference for those that don't know what grokking is. Posted by Picasa

A New England Garden

I was up in Massachussetts last weekend, and took some pictures in the morning, after a rain, but it was still a little cloudy out. I didn't get quite what I wanted for colors, but...

I saw this wagon sitting there, with flowers on it, and taking the picture, I was hoping the viewer would wonder about where the gardener was, did they get interrupted while planting, or was this the plan... stuff like that there.

I started wanting to take pictures of these. None of the pictures really came out the way I saw them in my head, but this is kind of close.

Now thats some yellow! Posted by Picasa

Shallow thoughts about a deep subject

I was out driving around near sunset and came across an old cemetery next to a really old church. I've been thinking about death a lot lately (big surprise there!). I'm sure I could write a maudlin essay about it all, but that would require me to organize my thoughts, and I'm just not feeling like examining them in any kind of detail. First because I have other things to do ( I'll rest when I die) and second, as near as I can tell, it's (death that is) pretty unavoidable.

Anyways.. Seeing this made me wonder lots of things... What this little girl would have thought about a 46 year old looking at her head stone 136 years after she died. What took her from her parents, how did they deal with it, did she have siblings, how long did the surviving members live, how did the little girl's life and death affect the community... So, the death of a little girl so long ago stirred things up for me. Posted by Picasa

This kind of reminds me of a pool table with peaches for balls... i liked the shapes on this.

This pic catches the fuzz so nicely Posted by Picasa

Now these are some peach pictures!

I like the light so much better on all these than the ones from last week. These are making me want to pick some and eat them! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 21, 2006

Last photos from a prize winning photographer, for the night

This duck was ugly as heck, but seems to be smiling about it!

My sister took these pics around the table at the lunch we had after my aunt's funeral. 2 Funerals in a month is more than enough, thank you. Posted by Picasa

More Birds from Florida

Not sure I like this effect from picassa.

A momma ugly duck, and the ducklings that ain't ugly, yet!
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Birds from Lakeland Florida

Now thats an ugly duckling!

I liked the shape on this Black Swan Posted by Picasa

Fruit from Fifer's Farm

The peaches smelled great! I'm looking forward to the annual Peach Festival in August! Posted by Picasa

Final 3 from a Prize winning photographer

The same ferris wheel, from the same spot, sitting still, in motion and closer and in motion. Posted by Picasa

Four more from the fair, taken by a Prize winning photographer

More motion. Cool stuff! Posted by Picasa