Sunday, May 17, 2009

Taylor Rose is 2 days old!

A C-section baby, she doesn't have that space alien head thing going on!

Nice image of the newborn and her daddy. All natural light.

AAAAAAAAck. Well there's a nice contrast between the balding fat man in middle age, and the new life...

I loved the light on Taylor's face. She was awake for most of our visit today!
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Snake in the Yard

I was weed whacking in the back yard and noticed this guy in the woods behind the fence. The bottom pic is more or less straight from the camera. Looks like he might have had lunch recently, based on the good sized bulge on the left side of the pic, outter ring. The rest of the pics have had some simple editing in Light Room.
This guy must have had rattler envy. I couldn't resist trying to pick him up. When reached for him as he crawled away, he slithered under some sticks and stuff, leaving his tail in the leaves. The shook it back and forth, making the leaves rattle. I couldn't make out any rattles, but, who knows...
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Notes for a shoot

Abandoned buildings! See that black thing on the right hand side of the last pick. That's a shadow from the factory Flash unit. Don't ever use the built in flash!
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Saturday, May 09, 2009

More baby pics

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Bryce is a lucky young man

I swear sometimes I'm turning into a girl. I got the chance to make some beautiful photos today with Bryce, his mom Katie and dad Ryan. There I go perpetuating the name dad last stereotype. That's an issue for another day. Bryce is about 5 weeks old now. I know his mom from work and she asked me if I could take some photos of him, and them. We set it up for today and I couldn't be happier with the images. They are such a loving couple and he is clearly the center of their world. Katie practically glows with her motherhood. I sent Katie and Ryan a link to the photos and she sent me a thank you email that have me very verklempt. Like the end of old yeller or something. The images were emotional to me and the note was even more so. I feel like the images I got today were the reason I've been so passionate about photography for the last few years. I better stop gushing now.
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