Friday, July 31, 2009

More from the Alaska Trip: Vancouver

Tim and his new Oakleys. Glad he had to pay for them!

Square, B&W= Art!!

I love this postcard image of the ship terminal superstructure. I like the following two too.

I like the lines

The sky was awesome, at least for the first day!

Some favorites from Alaska

Yeah, I'm the king of foggy and mysterious! The top one reminded me of LOTR.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'd love to do more photos of this character!

Ok. This guy's gig is to come out near cruise ships and play a song on his trumpet, start the boat again, run up just a little ahead of the cruise ship, then do it again. He played Oh, Canada, then the Star Spangled Banner, then When the Saints Come Marching In, America the Beautiful, and a religous song that I forget the name of now... Not sure of the order , but it was quite a quirky event. The other side of the sign he hits you up for a buck each, payable online, I guess. Go to his website and check it out! It's a heck of a way to make a living!
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bubble netting humpback whales, Juneau Alaska

We went whale watching near Juneau Alaska. It was frickin awesome. This is a group of humpback whales working co-operatively to get their meal of herring by bubble netting them. Two or three members of the group go underneath the herring and blow basketball size bubbles near the school. The herring get nervous and ball up. Then other whales from the group come up through the middle of the ball and eat the herring. Here are 5 or so whales with their mouths open at the surface after going through the herring. It was an awesome display! More pics later. I'm moving 2800 or so images from the laptop to my main computer even as I blog.
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Another Prize winning photo

While on the cruise, they had a "techspert" giving talks about Microsoft software and stuff you could do with it. One of the things you can do is stitch photos together. This photo of Mendenhall Glacier and a waterfall that just became visible 15 years ago is one I submitted for a contest for people from the ship. Its a stitch of about 10 photos, that overlapped each other. The full size pic is like 8000 x2100 pixels. The photo won! Ok, it was one of 5 or six entered, and the prize was a nice metal frame, but, once again, my mad photographry skills were acknowledged! LOL
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Another from Brecknock Park

Did this wide open for shallow depth of field. The combination of purple conflowers in the front and black eyed susans in the rear gave a nice effect.
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From the party

It was a dual birthday party at my sister in laws house. I did a few portraits because I could.

A few from today

I headed into Dover to try to do some pics this afternoon and the light where I was interested in shooting just wasn't working. I decided to go to Brecknock Park and see what I could get into, then headed to mom's to take her to a birthday party. So here are a few that I liked

I still love purple coneflowers! Especially with bees on them.

I need to get a model or 6 in front of this wall.

Mary scores major brownie points with flower boxes for my mom on Mother's day. The boxes look wonderful this year!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scenes from Downtown Dover

I like the flowers hanging downtown. While on the corner of State and Loockerman, no fewer than 3 cars went by with open windows yelling "cheeeeeeeeeese"

The tavern was where Delaware Delegates decided to ratify the Constitution of the US.

A nice view looking southish down State Street.


This is both black and white, and square. It is therefore, without a doubt, universally considered "Art".

I liked the triangles in the image. I might need to crop the bottom of the image to make the triangle on the right, bottom not have a foot.

More "Art" I've always loved this building. It has character!


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tonights Photos

I was hoping to get some great "golden hour" shots of the barn on a road near my house, but the angles were wrong. I ended up downtown and saw beautiful light at the Museum/Cemetery.

I liked the glow of the last light on the bell, and the shapes

Here's a path we're all on, and we sure don't want to do the last steps!


How many bars are you getting? I liked the repeating shapes, the golden hue on the obelisks and the color in the sky

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

3 Versions of I dream of Chicken Poop... and waiting

This shot from the other day had to be the nastiest smelling place I've ever done a photo shoot. Somehow it seemed wrong to bring a pretty girl there, but... I'm an artist! Joy and Tim were troopers. Tim was Joy's driving buddy and my VAL. He's a good friend of Joy's and a photographer too. While we were setting up the shot I said it should look like she's dreaming... dreaming of chicken poop. There's no way to tell it in this image though. There is also no way to tell there was a very graphic bit of grafitti at the back of this shot. Thank goodness for photoshop! I noticed something in the color version after I posted it here that I didn't see while editing the image. Can you figure out what it was?
The top version of the pic is my favorite.
Which do you like best?

Another image of a pretty girl by the window. Of course we wonder what or who she's waiting for, and in this image why it's such a messed up window.

More Bead Necklace pics

These are more documentary style than the ones on the black. The Black tile had the advantage of not showing shadows.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Did some planting today

The purple coneflowers are a favorite flower of mine. I just planted this one today. That darn Japanese Beetle found it in only a few hours! Iliked the colors of the Marigold flower, and loved the wave petunia, marigold and fence together. These were all done with my 100mm macro lens. I had to zoom with my feet!
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