Friday, September 15, 2006

4 of 4, all in Zion National Park

Colors and shapes. The sky is awesome out there! Posted by Picasa

3 of 4

This is a night shot, by moon light, in Zion National Park. I set the shutter speed for 15 seconds, and was pleased with myself when I saw the rock face appear on the camera LCD. I didn't realize there were stars in the pic till I got home. Awesome!

Zion National Park. The cool thing about going to Zion and the Grand Canyon is comparing the 2 experiences. In Zion, you are down in the canyon, looking up. In the GC you're on top, looking down.

Some kind of yellow flower. I think it's a wild poppy. These were common on the road side.

Thats a golden eagle soaring in Zion. Awesome! Posted by Picasa

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The Vermillion Cliffs from an overlook about an hour before sunset. The views out west were breathtaking! We kept saying "oh my god", "wow", "awesome". "Holy Cows" were responded to with "we're not Hindus!". You had to be there....

The new Navajo Bridge, taken from on top of the old one. Both are 500 feet more or less above Lee's Ferry. Yes it was a tingly moment to be out there! The next bridge over the Colorado River is several hundred miles downstream. More Vermillion cliffs in the background here too.

A walkway near the Hoover Dam. That's Lake Meade in the background

A glass installation in the Bellagio. I love this artists glass work. There have been shows about it on TV and articles in magazines. Posted by Picasa

Southwest pics

We went on a trip to the Southwest, including Vegas, Zion National Park, the Grand canyon, North and South rims, and the Vermillion Cliffs area of Arizona, between the North and South rims of the Grand Canyon. Here are some of the 1000 (!!!) pics I took. I'm going to do 4 posts tonight. Maybe more later. I don't want to turn into the Cliff Claven of the Grand Canyon!

The Canyon's stark beauty is evident in this pic from Guano Point on the Hualapi reservation.

Yavapi Point looking towards the north rim.

California Condor! One of 5 we saw at the south rim in a single group. Massive wingspans and white patches on the under side of the wings made it hard to misidentify them. I didn't notice the tags till I blew up the pics

This is on the North Rim along Bright Angel trail Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On the way to a covered bridge,with Uncle Frank

While on our spur of the moment trip to see a covered bridge we pretty much had to stop and see the herd of buffalo. Massachusetts is well known as a natural area for bison.

Western Central Massachusetts seems to be made up of lots of small towns. Many of them have a statue in the center of town, dedicated to Civil War Veterans. This statue was dedicated to the men of the town by a Colonel from the town. It was interesting reading the names. The reported causes of death included dying, killed in battle, shot and finally died in a prison camp. I thinkI remember reading that most men that died in the War were from disease not .50 caliber lead poisoning.

The bridge dated back to 1886. It's closed to traffic now, but very scenic just the same. Posted by Picasa