Monday, November 26, 2007

Two from Moores Lake, One from Silver Lake

The first two are from Moores Lake. The last one is from Silver Lake, at Lunch. I had a kind of Japanese sensibility when I was taking the Moores Lake shots, but looking at them at home, they have a more impressionsist feel, at least for me.

I liked the shapes, colors and reflections on this view from the bridge at Silver Lake.
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More from Moores Lake

The following two photos are taken at different shutter speeds.

The next one is has a mysterious foggy morning vibe..

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Moore's Lake, Dover, De. Or, timing is everything

I took the opportunity to go by Moore's lake today, because it was so foggy and I wondered how the flame red trees were holding up. It's been about a week since I was there last. What a difference!

Compare this to last week!

I like the impressionist feel of this view of the spill way.

The table was a neat contrast to the woods and leaves.

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Little Creek Wildlife Area, Part Deux

That's a king fisher, hanging out on a telephone pole, that has no wires. There are a few of them out there along one of the dikes. I guess it's too much money to take them down, and, some of the wildlife apparently enjoys the benefit of a bypassed line.
Kingfishers are cool! Their profile is unmistakeable, and the coloring is awesome. I need a 600 mm lens to bring this one in...
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New Blog!

I've started a new blog "Dave's Photo Tips", where I hope to pass on some of the stuff I've figured out. Check it out soon, and let me know what you think. I can take it!

Little Creek Wild LIfe Area

No wildlife for me! Just some photos of the fall leaves as they do their last gasp before falling off.There is a big difference around here now that it's been a little chilly! I'm bever sure about the wetland grasses. I have this image in my head, and I'm getting closer, just not quite there yet. It's really more of a feeling than an image... Anyways, enjoy these.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Lunch at the park

More, from last Wednesday.

I liked how he was in the sun beam, eating his lunch.

Leif always felt different from the others...
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lunch by the Lake

I like sitting by the lake at lunch and listening talk radio, yeah, i know, old man territory. What. Ever.
Anyways. It was at the end of the rain showers today, so I took a quick stroll, trying to capture the yellow and reds.. I should probably photoshop out the grill in the middle shot, but, it's ok for now.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Final Cape Henlopen Shot and 3 from Moore's Lake, Dover.

These are the last of the shots I did the other day coming back from the meeting. I love the effect the low humidity has to give nice crisp colors in the fall.

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Cape Henlopen State Park Lighthouse Shots

I attended a meeting last week down at Cape Henlopen State Park.The meeting was interesting, but I really liked the opportunity to get these photos. I went out to the Cape and walked out to the beach. It was pretty desolate there, but I had a great view of the Light House that's there by the Cape May-Lewes Ferry terminal. What you can't see in the shots is that I was taking the photos in winds that were gusting up to 40 mph! I like the ones with the killer blue skies best

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Fall Color!

I was driving back from a meeting the other day and saw these trees at Moores Lake here in Dover. They were breathtaking! I tried some shots then but I liked these better... I'll see about posting the shots from the other day ASAP.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Fall at the Lake


I didn't have my macro lense to get really close. I like the mushroom and the leaf on the left edge.

Mr. Great Blue Heron didn't mind me using a flash on him for fill flash. Whenever I see them in flight I think about them flying with the dinosaurs.

This guy barely held still! He wasn't happy about me being nearby. I'm a lot better than the hawk I saw come shooting through the trees and just miss him or one of his buddies another day last week. Man that hawk was fast, just not quite fast enough! It's just a well, because I didn't have my camera to document his lunch!
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Lunch at the Lake, Silver Lake, Dover

Fall is here! I've been hanging out at the lake for lunch if none of my colleagues are around the office. Here are a few shots I got last week and haven't been able to post.

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