Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

I've got the Bermuda Blues

These shots are pretty much all straight out of camera. I couldn't get over the intensity of the colors I was seeing in Bermuda, and on the way there. Here are some images just as a tease. I'll be posting more over the next week or so.
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Christy and Eric(?), Strangers #13

I met Christy and Eric at the front of the boat, taking pics of sunset. The truth is I've forgotten Christy's husbands name! He only told it to me at least twice. I swear I'm getting Alzheimers!
We talked cameras for a bit then I asked if they'd let me take their photos. They are living in Connecticut now, but had a Delaware connection in that they both went to the University of Delaware. Christy taught school for one year in Smyrna! They've been married for 4 years. What a great couple! Thanks guys! Eric (?) let me know your real name, and I'll fix this post!

Roseanne, Stranger #12

Roseanne, Stranger #12, originally uploaded by dave.wolanski.

Here is Roseanne, Connie's (stranger # 11) Friend. Roseanne's mission for the night seemed to be keeping Connie in check while they both waited for the chocolate festival. They were having fun, and both said they'd do the project. Roseanne was the only one with a pen that night!

Connie from Longuyland, NY, Stranger #11

My wife and I met Connie in the chocolate buffet line Friday night on the Norwegian Cruise Line ship Norwegian Dawn. The buffet was just ok, but it was a blast talking to Connie. It seems she had had a few adult beverages earlier in the evening. She was with her friend Roseanne, stranger #11. They are both from Long Island, NY, pronounced "Longuyland" all one word. Thanks for the photo Connie!

Vinny from New York, Stranger # 10 and family

Vinny from New York, Stranger # 10

Vinny was taking some self pics dockside in Bermuda when I offered to take his photo with his camera. I talked to him for a few minutes and then asked if I could do a photo. It turns out Vinny is a train engineer, just like my brother in law. Vinny works for the Long Island RailRoad, and has for about 20 years, starting as a switchman, then moving onto the trains. Vinny had me take a group photo of his family too. It was fun talking to them all!

Claire AtoZ, Stranger #9

Claire AtoZ, Stranger #9, originally uploaded by dave.wolanski.

Claire was sitting behind me at a show on the ship. She had the good sense to move away from some fussy kids about 5 minutes before we did! Claire was on a trip with her teenage grand daughters and they were all having a good time. I took this pic with my new Canon SD1100, thus the flashy photo. Thanks Claire!

Strangers #8

Strangers #8, originally uploaded by dave.wolanski.

I met these ladies on the Jersey Turnpike while on my way to my cruise to Bermuda. I met them because they had shirts that said "cruise buddies", so I had to ask which cruise they were going on. It turns out they were on the ship next to me, only they were heading to Florida and the Caribbean. The second lady from the left is Danny, an attorney that gave me her card with an email on it. One of the other ladies insisted on giving me her email too, saying Danny would never send the pics on to her! It was great fun, thanks ladies!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunflowers host more than stupid bees and stuff

This is Stefanie from Modelmayhem. We got some great images today!
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Edited Crystal and Billy

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's a little hard to get in close!

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Crystal and Billy maternity

I'm on the wrong end of the clock today, but a quick scan showed this as a cute image right away! More later, I hope!
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Donna, Colin and Bailey

Donna works with my wife, Colin is her son and Bailey is their dog. They wanted some photos together. Well at least 2 of the three did!
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Thursday, July 17, 2008