Monday, January 25, 2010

17 of my favorite shots today.

I spent a lot of time driving around today, first in Downtown Dover, then after lunch with Loretta and the gang, ($5 Mari Monte Pizza!!) out again to shoot whatever I came across. I was heading towards Smyrna, but didn't make it past anold barn and outbuildings.

The first two were at the barn. I processed them Holga style, to see how the Holga shots compare to these.

That fix a leak might not take care of all the leaks...

A little surreality never hurt anyone!

Stairs to no where!

The sofa is tagged as free!

These photos of the chair are some of my favorites from the day!



Two versions of the same scene. I like the way the curb is echoed by the wires in the first one, and the symmetry in the second version.

Cool Post downtown

I did some other photos of this fence, just around the corner, a while back.

Just liked the shapes

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scenes from Route 9, Delaware, last Monday

I had the photo bug bad the other day. Decided to get up at the crack of dawn and go shooting. I was hoping for some cool red skys, but that didn't happen. I started at Port Mahon, then rode up Rt9, to see what I could get into. I was looking for the Deakyne House, well, really the water tower on the property and eventually found it. The water tower is a cool shape, and actually looks like some kind of lighthouse or something. The photos I did of the tower are just ok, so I didn't post any of them. It's a shame about the house and outbuildings though. The house has been there a long time, but it's now boarded up, mostly. It seems vandals rip off a door or window plywood as soon as they're up and go in and mess stuff up. About a hundred yards from the front door, there is an old family plot. I'll post pics of some of the stones later. The plot is in very nice shape. Too bad they can't keep the house and water tower maintained. After leaving the Deakyne property, I saw this cool looking tree in the woods. About the only one with leaves on it, or so it looked. I had to take some photos of it too.

This tree had a movie set feel to it.

Some kind of ag equipment in a shed that's falling down

Behind one of the farm buildings at the Deakyne Home

Building falling in on itself

Cool pump in the pump house, natural light. I liked the shapes and textures

This pump has an anthropomorphic feel to it.

Cool details...

A different abandoned home near the Cedar Swamp Refuge

These shrines are fascinating to me on so many levels. The beer bottle behind this one made me mad!

Egg casing on the beach, exactly as I found it

Stumps in the water, they looked like they were part of a dock or something at one time. The photo right above this was shot hand held, very slow shutter speed, and gives it a dreamy feel.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Recent photos close to my house, or in the studio. 3 Treatments of the roadside memorial. There are many ways to do the memorial.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

50 States Travelling Camera Project

I started a new blog here. I'm sending some disposable cameras on a cross country journey, 1 shot per state.

Check it out!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Going Old School

Here are some of the photos from my new (to me) 40 year old Yashica medium format TLR camera. They are scans from negatives that are over 3 times the size of a regular 35 mm photo. I like the results, but have some things to work out. Here are a few of the first scans. I'm sure there will be more later!

A few things I noticed using the TLR:
  • You can't look at the view screen and see the shot you just took! It seems they didn't have lcds back in the 60s! Who would have thought that?
  • It takes a while to get the prints back. Like 10 days or so to send them out and get them back.
  • Shooting and developing medium format film is not cheap. I figure it's on the order of a dollar a shot to take and develop the photos. Therefore, it's good to take my time doing the shoot, and making sure I get it right, before I click the shutter!
  • View Screens are challenging to use. If you look into the screen, its down low so its a strange angle to be looking, and you have to look into them just right. Especially if you have glasses.
  • There's a lot to remember every shot. Is the shutter speed right? The aperture? Can you see the stupid little #s? Did you advance the film? Are you sure?
  • It's a whole thing to load and unload the film. Nothing painful, but it's not just popping a digital memory card and checking the batteries.
  • There are no batteries in the camera.
  • Waiting for the film to come back is a character building thing. Character building things are never fun!
  • Scanning is slow and labor intensive. And makes big files ~200 megs per photo!

A detail from the shot below.

Bench and park shots, Delaware City

Lighthouse details, Rt 9, Delaware

Catching up

I did these Christmas Day, running around...

Friday, January 01, 2010

Pinapple, Natural Light, B&W

We've been eating pineapples regularly, and I've been thinking, I really want do so some natural light stuff with them and show the details. This is a 20 second exposure, on a tripod, with a remote trigger. Love the details!

A few from last night

I've always thought the new medical center had some possibilities for photos. Last night it was foggy and I went by for some photos. I liked these, but, they're not quite what I've envisioned. I'll keep waiting...

These first three are from working the same scene.

I liked the shape of the sidewalk here

This was taken hand held for half a second. This is usually a bad thing because the result is a little blurry. It works for this photo and kind of enhances the mood. That's my story anyways.