Monday, April 28, 2008

Bluebird Love

Bluebird Love, originally uploaded by dave.wolanski.

The quick brown fox jumped...

I stopped near Cottman Pool at Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge to see if I could capture any nice photos of the warblers jumping around in the brush on the side of the road. Then I noticed the pheasant (next image) down in the brush. While I was trying to get a good shot of the pheasant, this fox snuck up on me. I could have hit him with the car door if I wanted to!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Deer in the clearing


I saw this doe early this morning. I'll post more about the day later on!
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Strobist Peter Yang Esquire Admiral Fallon Attempt

Strobist said how to do it here: so, I went for it. This is pretty similar to the image I did for my Blogspot profile pic I did a while back to test out my home made grid spot. For that one, i used a lower light at 45 degrees and a reflector. I was looking more "author" in that shot than this one.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


IMG_1272, originally uploaded by _davdog.

I love the abstract feel, and the colors!

Tulips and Georgia Okeefe

Tulips and Georgia Okeefe, originally uploaded by _davdog.

Japanese print

Japanese print, originally uploaded by _davdog.

This reminds me of a Japanese print. I love the colors. I got this photo this morning before work at Silver Lake Park.


IMG_1256, originally uploaded by _davdog.

Tulips and Georgia Okeefe

Tulips and Georgia Okeefe, originally uploaded by _davdog.

I was going for a Georgia Okeefe look here.


IMG_1282, originally uploaded by _davdog.

I was racing into town hoping for some sunset shots of the flowers downtown and I saw the Shutte Park sign and flowers, pulled in quick and got a nice bunch of shots. I posted a ton of them on Flickr. Take a look there.

I'm a Freakin Movie Star!

Step Aside, Jeff, Dennis, John... The new kid is in town!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

reach for the sky!

reach for the sky!, originally uploaded by _davdog.

I took this this morning before work. I loved the colors and the blue sky.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Bluebird of Happiness

There were a pair of bluebirds right near the entry to Bombay Hook Today. The blue was electric when they were flying around!
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Tulips in Downtown Dover

Tulips in Downtown Dover, originally uploaded by _davdog.

I was up at the crack of dawn, literally, to get these today

Tricolor Heron Catching His breakfast at Bombay Hook

$3.00 Cactus

Mom got this not too long ago for 3 bucks. It looks spectacular in person too!
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Friday, April 11, 2008

One of these is not like the others

Strobist Tim and Peaches

Strobist Tim and Peaches, originally uploaded by _davdog.

Strobist Tim

Strobist Tim, originally uploaded by _davdog.

Spring has sprung

The bumble bee was coming in for a landing. I liked the details!
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Strobist: When I was 22

Strobist: When I was 22, originally uploaded by _davdog.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Daffodils!, originally uploaded by _davdog.

Love the colors on this miniature daffodil.


Daffodils!, originally uploaded by _davdog.

It was finally decent enough to get some nice shots of these daffodils in my back yard. I was going for a soft, dreamy kind of abstract Georgia O'Keefe looking effect. I'm not sure I got there, but I like the photo!
Click the photo and look at the rest of my daffodil photos from today

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Scenes from Union Station: What's his story

Another lone man...

Foodie Shots Rasika Restaurant, Washington D.C.

We went to Washington D.C. last night to meet up with some friends and go to Rasika Restaurant in DC, then go to see "Capital Steps" a comedy satire group that pretty thouroughly skewers politicians and politics in both parties. Anyways, the restaurant was top notch in every way. The food, decor and service were impeccable. If you want top quality Indian food in D.C. you can't go wrong here. Unless you don't plan a few weeks in advance. WHen our reservatoins were made last week, all that was letft was before six, or after 10.

What you're seeing here is some water chestnuts in some kind of batter then fried, in front of an asparagus dish and in the back left some fried spinach with a salsa. The ladies at the table said they must have put the spinach in extremely hot oil just long enough to get it wet. It was pleasantly crunchy and the salsa was lightly spicy.
I have some other shots on my Flickr page, just click through.
The food was awesome and the show was a blast. My friends invited me to stay over and go shoot the cherry blossoms and the zoo first thing. I took them up on the offer! We were out the house right at about sunrise then took Rock Creek Park expressway to get over by the tidal basin and the Cherry Blossom festival. It was a little drizzly, but still worth it. Look at the shots below and check the Flickr page.

Cherry Blossom Festival 10 mile Run, or,10 thousand people dumber than me!

Cherry Blossom Festival 10K Run, originally uploaded by _davdog.

These folks were out running at 7:40 on a damp, drizzly Sunday morning. Yeah, it's pretty and all, but, seriously. Running 10 miles to say they ran 10 miles and got a tshirt when they could be in bed snuggled up with a significant other? It's not like they're artists and need to see the special light when it's available!

The whole point of the Cherry Blossom Festival

This branch swept out over the water. I liked the background and the flowers, despite the steady, annoying drizzle.

Scenes from Union Station

Scenes from Union Station, originally uploaded by _davdog.

Shapes in the Railing.

Scenes from Union Station: What's his story ? How should an artist interpret this scene?

How should an artist interpret this scene? Another lone man. A symbol for all of us facing the world alone, Trying not to be crowded out.

or, I liked the shapes and colors and adding a human made it interesting.

You decide.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Apple blossom in the fog

Apple blossom in the fog, originally uploaded by _davdog.

Pink, green, waterdrops...

Foggy Apple Orchard: I wonder how many pies are growing now?

This is about the pink green and brown. I liked the Shapes and stripes of color. I was going for a Japanese / French impressionist feel.