Friday, April 23, 2010

Amanda's Maternity Photos

I met Amanda at the Mpix meetup in Pittsburg Kansas last week. We were talking and I told her how much I liked working with women to make photos. Amanda said she hadn't been able to find anyone to do her maternity photos yet, so I was like "well...I'm here, I'd love to do them Sunday before I leave town". We worked it out and had a lot of fun doing the shoot in the beautiful Loose Memorial Park in the heart of Kansas City. Tracy came along to do some photos too. It's fun working with other photographers, including, one as the subject this time! Amazing park, and even more amazing images! Amanda and her husband were so much fun. It's so obvious how much they love each other in these photos. Amanda just glows in them. More evidence I'm turning into a chick!

Look at her eyes! Amazing image, one of my best ever.

Amanda, From Applebees

A group of us went to Applebee's for lunch and Amanda was a server there. She had the most amazing blue eyes and a great smile.  I had to get  a shot. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me so I borrowed Valerie's and did this quick photo right there in Applebees.  We tried to arrange a shoot at a local park after Amanda got off work, but that fell through.

Loose Memorial Park Kansas City Strangers


I was working on Amanda's maternity shoot and took the chance to shoot with some strangers in some opportune moments.
This is Sarah, her mom (whose name escapes me) Patricia (see comment below) and her dad, Joel. She was such a cutie! Mom was going to use her own camera to take some photos, but since I was set up, I asked if they wanted me to do some.

Daniale had some great ink, beautiful blue eyes and an open personality, so I had to ask her to get a photo!
I'd love to fix the names if the folks come here and see the photos!

Assateague Island Virginia Impressions with the Holga Camera

I got the film back recently, but haven't had time to post!

More Holga Goodness from Slower Delaware

Catching up with some photos that needed posting!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Nightmares in the Reading Terminal Market

If you're on a diet, I'd say don't go into the Reading Terminal Market in Downtown Philadelphia. The sights and aromas in there will surely derail you. Thus, the candy is your worst nightmare!

And if you're a vegetarian, this place has got to be a nightmare. I saw these fish and had to make a photo of them. I did the rest of the fish shots as they came to me, after this first one!

Scenes from the Reading Terminal Market: People

One of the things I love about the Reading Terminal Market is the energy and the people. The Lensbaby really helped me capture that mood, and impression.