Thursday, August 03, 2006


I had a long essay (well for me anyways) about these shots and the things I was thinking about, that just kind of vaporized when I thought I published it. Probably just as well since it was mostly depressing stuff, even to me. So... you get the pics without much commentary.

The Family plot with no headstones interested me. What a mystery. This picture looked Japanese to me...

Ann died about 20 years before her husband Josiah, now they are spending eternity together, and gradually their stones are going to be over-whelmed by the forces of nature, as they were...

A cast concrete stone, as nearly as I could tell. She died in the depression. I'm guessing this was all that was affordable.

An outhouse in a graveyard just seemed funny to me. I got over it when I noticed I liked the shapes, colors and shadows . Posted by Picasa

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