Wednesday, February 24, 2010

They like me. They really really like me!

Recently a few blogs I like have linked back to my post about modifying Holga cameras.
The first one to do so was HolgaJen. I love her blog and photos! Great stuff, very inspiring for me to push into new areas. If you see a photo of hers you like, let her know and Jen will make arrangements to sell the photo to you. Her photos and service are great!
Feeling Negative is a brand new blog focusing on using film and film cameras. I checked it out and they said they were interested in new articles so I sent them the info and they posted a link to the same story too.
I really need to do a post on my favorite blogs to read!


Brian Auer said...

Hey Dave, thanks for the mention! I really like your DIY on the 35mm Holga. I've got a Diana+ and I've been wanting to do the same thing... I'll have to try applying your method and see if I can make it work -- the important parts look to be almost identical between Holga and Diana.

Dave said...

I don't claim credit for the idea being original to me, I'm just posting it in detail here. As for the Diana, go for it! The worst you do is lose a 3 dollar roll of film!

HolgaJen said...

Thanks for the shout out Dave! :)

Tomas said...

Well, it was a well written article :)

Dave said...

Actually, I thought it was brilliant, not merely well written. LMAO! Thanks Tomas!