Monday, May 21, 2007

The City is Changing, and Spell Check, we don't need no stinkin spell check!

Above is a shot of the Dover Hardware store. It's getting ready to come down soon, to match the neighbor that used to be there, the Dover News Stand. Why the 2 didn't come down at once is a mystery to me. The building they are planning to put up will be a better use than empty space I suppose. Like many small towns the lack of easy parking has laid waste to former downtown businesses. Its a shame to lose the old details like the ones above the Dover Hardware sign though.

The Blue Coat Inn is no more. I hope they put up a decent building, but it's a shame to change the face of the lake. The building they are talking about is a 4 story miniature of some building downtown. Sounds stupid to me...

I live in a special hell. I can't type and it kills me to see mispellings in signs and documents. I always spot them in signs. verified that Beggar is spelled with an a, not an e. Oh well...
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