Monday, May 21, 2007

Old home week in Florida; or, I'm a Freakin Race Car Driving, Astronaut that Jousts for fun and does Ancient Mind & Body Control artist

While I was in Florida I decided to stop in at a few of my old stomping grounds. I dropped by the space center and they had me test a space suit out for them because of my past test pilot and astronaut skillz. I got them straightened out on a few things. After that I dropped in to the race track and caught up with a few of my Nascar buddies from the Coke Racing team. Once I tweaked a few nagging engine anomalies for them we all posed for the shot above. Finally, I was called upon to demonstrate my superior mind skills and do the bed of nails thing. The years I spent in the Himalayas have served me well. The jousting was great! Too bad the kids of today just weren't up to my mad jousting skills. They should recover soon though!

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Amy said...

Yer so strange, but I still love ya man! haha!! I think I belly laughed a lil!